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Apsley Gorge

Apsley Gorge Pinot Noir 2020

Apsley Gorge Pinot Noir 2020

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Apsley Gorge vineyard, located in the beautiful Apsley Valley near Bicheno, Tasmania, is renowned for its exceptional wines. Planted with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the 1990s, the vineyard has thrived under the guidance of Brian Franklin, a former Abalone diver and Lobster fisherman. The vineyard spans 7 hectares and emphasizes low yields and non-irrigation to maintain fruit stability and quality. Brian Franklin, mentored by Burgundy winemaker Phillipe Charlopin, took over winemaking responsibilities in the late 1990s. Apsley Gorge wines have gained recognition as a premier label, distributed across Australia and exported internationally. The winery sits in the breathtaking "The Gulch" in Bicheno, paying homage to Tasmania's fishing and agricultural heritage. With its unique location near Apsley Gorge national Park, the vineyard benefits from cooling breezes, resulting in a distinct micro-climate. Brian Franklin's extensive winemaking experience in France and Australia ensures Apsley Gorge wines achieve full phenolic ripeness, showcasing ripe fruit, finesse, and texture. These wines possess excellent natural acidity, striking a harmonious balance without heaviness. Apsley Gorge wines are produced naturally, with minimal new oak, yielding exceptional wines of class and structure.

Tasmanian Pinot Noir wine is celebrated for its exceptional quality and distinct character. The island's cool climate, pristine environment and unique terroir create the perfect conditions for cultivating this delicate and finicky grape variety. With its vibrant acidity, elegant structure and complex flavour profile, Tasmanian Pinot Noir offers an enchanting sensory experience. The wines often exhibit notes of red berries, cherries, earthy undertones and hints of spice, showcasing the region's mastery in producing wines of finesse. Tasmanian Pinot Noir has gained recognition on the global stage, earning a reputation as some of the finest examples of this varietal.

The Apsley Gorge Pinot Noir 2020 is reminiscent of the exceptional 2013 vintage. This wine, a result of the cooler and more typical Tasmanian growing season, offers a unique intensity and finesse. The long, slow ripening period contributes to its remarkable character. On the nose, rich and dark fruits intermingle with intriguing hints of cigar box and sous bois. Upon tasting, the wine immediately envelops the palate with a mouth-filling texture and ethereal pinot fruit that lingers. Decanting is highly recommended to fully appreciate its complexities. In appearance, the wine exhibits a typically dark colour with a translucent depth. The nose is a symphony of Apsley Pinot fruit, accompanied by captivating elements of charcuterie, earthiness and more. The wine makes a powerful entry, filling the mouth with its rich fruit and complex, textural tannins. Notes of earth, orange, iodine, plum, charcuterie, chocolate and liquorice interplay, while a subtle hint of struck match and aromatic woody herbs adds further depth and complexity.

The Finer Details
Style - Red Wine
Varietal - Pinot Noir
Country - Australia
Region - Tasmania
Vintage - 2020
Bottle Size - 750ml
ABV - 14.5%

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