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Mount Mary

Mount Mary Quintet 2010

Mount Mary Quintet 2010

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Mount Mary is a family owned, single vineyard estate located in the heart of the Yarra Valley. The region is in the south-eastern corner of Australia, east of Melbourne in the state of Victoria. Established in 1971 by John and Marli Middleton, Mount Mary was one of the first vineyards planted in the resurgence of the Yarra Valley as a premium wine producing region. The inspiration behind the planting of vines in the Yarra Valley came from the Swiss settlers of the 1850’s. These worldly and hard working immigrants had been greatly influenced by the French wine producers and recognised the climatic parallels the Yarra Valley shared with Bordeaux and Burgundy.

In the 1960’s John and Marli Middleton, driven by a passion for fine wine, made many visits to Bordeaux and Burgundy. They became hooked on French premium wines and the thought of producing something similar in Australia. They found a suitable site upon in 1971 and purchased the property known as Mount Mary. Surprisingly, this site had not yet been planted despite being ideal for purpose. The first plantings were completed in 1972 and today Mount Mary has 40 acres under vine representing 18 varieties.

The four Mount Mary Vineyard estate wines are comprised of two blends traditionally grown and made in Bordeaux, France (Quintet and Triolet) and two varieties traditionally grown and made in Burgundy, France (Pinot noir and Chardonnay).

The vineyard is planted to Cabernet sauvignon (46%), Merlot (26%), Cabernet franc (18%), Malbec (5%) and Petit verdot (5%). The percentage of each variety that goes into the final blend changes with the season as factors such as fruitfulness and fruit set. The greatest influence we have over the quality of this wine is deciding when to pick each variety, this determines not only the flavours but the quality of tannins, and the acid and alcohol levels. The fermentation regime is similar to that of the Pinot, although slightly longer fermentations are employed (up to 10 days). This is followed by 22 months on barrel maturation, with 25% of the blend in large format oak (1500L or larger), and 30% in new barriques (225L).

Superbly refined, elegant and intense Cabernets and usually outstanding and long-lived Pinot Noirs fully justify Mount Mary's exalted reputation. The Triolet blend is very good, more recent vintages of Chardonnay likewise.(The Quintet was) First made in 1977; one of few wines in Australia to include in its makeup the five classic grape varieties of Bordeaux: cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, malbec and petit verdot. This wine is Mount Mary¹s finest; at its best the ultimate expression of the style, at its least showing that the climate of the Yarra Valley can treat the later-ripening varieties with harshness. - James Halliday

This particular Quintet we believe sits comfortably alongside the famed 1990 and 2000 vintages. The nose shows cassis and blackcurrant interwoven with dark chocolate and cherries. There are some subtle autumn leaf characters contributed by the Cabernet sauvignon which will become more dominant with time in bottle. The palate is held together by ripe tannins and lively acidity. There are flavours of blackberry, cherry, mineral and spice. John would often remark that great Cabernet should finish clean, like water. This wine certainly does just that.

Mount Mary are proper pleased with this release. Sam Middleton, he who now heads the wine team at Mount Mary, said to me at a trade tasting that 'we're really pleased with the 2010, things feel right with this wine, a great season for us too. Could become one of our best'. This is a blend of 47% cabernet sauvignon, 30% merlot, 14% cabernet franc, 5% petit verdot, 4% malbec. Whoowee, dig this perfume. Really complex aroma spectrum ' immediately engaging too. Cassis, dark fruits, touch of briar herbal lift, flash of mint, chocolatey and stubbed out cigar embers. At once cool and rich. Slender ribbons of fruit, acid and fine bony tannin across the palate. Has that succulent but strict feel, like sucking on a hard lolly as it diminishes. Beautiful, medium-bodied feel too ' the wine finishes long and pure, eddying with the linger of tannin and powdered slate-like minerality. It's in that zone of refreshment and elegance, where a repeat visit to the glass is effortless but there's lots to explore in texture and flavour. Could be a contender for best cabernet for the year. - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front, 95 Points.

The Finer Details
Style - Red Wine
Varietal - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Malbec 
Country - Australia
Region - Yarra Valley, Victoria
Vintage - 2010
Bottle Size - 750ml
ABV - 12.7%

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