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Amstel Premium Lager 500ml (Can Case)

Amstel Premium Lager 500ml (Can Case)

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Amstel Brewery has a storied history that dates back to 1870, when two friends, Charles Antoine de Pesters and Johannes Hendrikus van Marwijk Kooy, along with Willem Eduard Uhlenbroek, came together to embark on a brewing journey that would span nearly 150 years. The brewery situated on the Mauritskade in Amsterdam was named after the iconic Amstel River, a symbol of the city's rich heritage. The symbolic first stone of the brewery was laid on June 11, 1870, marking the beginning of a legacy that would endure for generations. The inaugural brew was completed on October 25, 1871 and shortly thereafter, on January 9, 1872 the first beer was delivered to clients, officially opening the doors of the brewery to the world. Initially, Amstel beers were primarily enjoyed in Amsterdam, but as the Dutch railway network expanded, the brewery's reach extended to towns along the new railway lines. The year 1883 marked the beginning of Amstel beer exports to Great Britain and the Dutch East Indies, with a special export bottling plant constructed in 1884 to facilitate the packaging of "tropical" beers for overseas markets. By 1891, the brewery had transformed into a public limited company, and its production had increased twenty-fold by 1915. Amstel's influence continued to grow, with the brewery accounting for a third of Dutch beer exports by 1926. In 1941, Amstel in collaboration with Heineken, acquired the Amsterdam brewery Van Vollenhoven's Bierbrouwerij, further solidifying its position in the beer industry. Amstel's global footprint expanded significantly in the mid-20th century, with the establishment of breweries in Dutch Guiana, Jordan, Curaçao, Puerto Rico and Greece. The brewery also made history by being the first Dutch brewery to export beer in cans, marking a new era in beer packaging and distribution. In 1968, Amstel was acquired by Heineken International, ushering in a new chapter for the renowned brewery. As part of this transition, the Amstel Brewery in Amsterdam was closed in 1972, and production was relocated to the main Heineken plant in Zoeterwoude. The building on the Mauritskade was eventually demolished, with the former administration building being preserved and integrated into the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.Throughout its illustrious history, Amstel Brewery has remained a symbol of tradition, innovation and camaraderie, bringing friends together for nearly 150 years through the timeless art of brewing exceptional beer.

Amstel Premium Lager offers a delightful sensory experience with its 500ml can case. Pouring a brilliant golden hue with a steady stream of effervescence, this lager entices with its inviting appearance. Upon raising the glass to the nose, a pleasant aroma of freshly baked bread and a hint of floral hops greets the senses. The first sip reveals a smooth and crisp mouthfeel, accompanied by a balanced malt sweetness and a subtle touch of citrus. The well-rounded flavour profile is complemented by a gentle bitterness, culminating in a clean, refreshing finish that leaves a lingering impression. Overall, Amstel Premium Lager in a 500ml can case delivers a satisfying drinking experience, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a classic, easy-drinking lager with a touch of Dutch craftsmanship.

The Finer Details
Style - Lager
Country - Netherlands
Case Size - 24 Cans
Can Size - 500ml
ABV - 5%

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