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Bannockburn Shiraz 2020

Bannockburn Shiraz 2020

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Bannockburn Vineyards is a renowned winery located in the heart of the Bannockburn region in Victoria, Australia. Established in 1974 by Stuart Hooper, this family-owned estate has become synonymous with producing exceptional cool-climate wines. Situated in the foothills of the stunning Macedon Ranges, Bannockburn Vineyards benefits from the region's unique microclimate and fertile volcanic soil. The combination of cool temperatures, ample rainfall and well-drained soils creates the perfect conditions for growing grapes of exceptional quality and character. The vineyards at Bannockburn are meticulously cared for, with a focus on sustainable and organic practices. The estate takes pride in their commitment to preserving the land and producing wines that truly reflect the terroir. This dedication to quality and sustainability has earned Bannockburn Vineyards a reputation as one of Australia's premier wine producers. Bannockburn Vineyards specializes in producing premium varietal wines, including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Riesling. The winemaking philosophy at Bannockburn is centred around minimal intervention, allowing the grapes to express their true nature. The result is wines that showcase the purity of the fruit, with balanced acidity, complexity and a sense of place.

Geelong wines are renowned for their exceptional quality and distinct character. This picturesque region in Victoria, Australia, benefits from a cool climate and diverse terroir, making it ideal for producing a wide range of varietals. From elegant Chardonnays to bold Shiraz, Geelong wines showcase the unique characteristics of the region.

The Bannockburn Shiraz 2020 is a captivating expression of cool-climate winemaking at its finest. This vintage showcases the hallmark characteristics of the Bannockburn region, delivering a wine that is both elegant and powerful. Upon pouring, the deep ruby colour immediately catches the eye, hinting at the richness that awaits. The nose is greeted with an enticing bouquet of ripe blackberries, plums and dark cherries, intertwined with subtle hints of cracked black pepper and a touch of earthy spice. On the palate, the Bannockburn Shiraz 2020 reveals its true complexity. The velvety texture gracefully coats the mouth, while flavors of blackcurrants and blueberries dance on the palate. The fruit is beautifully balanced with well-integrated oak, adding nuances of vanilla and a gentle touch of smokiness. The tannins in this wine are refined and silky, providing structure and a lingering finish that invites another sip. The acidity is bright and refreshing, enhancing the wine's overall vibrancy and ensuring a harmonious balance. As the Bannockburn Shiraz 2020 evolves in the glass, it reveals layers of complexity and depth. This wine has the potential to age gracefully, allowing the flavors to further integrate and develop over time.

The Finer Details
Style - Red Wine
Varietal - Shiraz
Country - Australia
Region - Geelong, Victoria
Vintage - 2020
Bottle Size - 750ml
ABV - 13.5%

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