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Batch Brewing

Batch Brewing Pash the Magic Dragon (4 Pack)

Batch Brewing Pash the Magic Dragon (4 Pack)

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Pash the Magic Dragon resided near the brewery, frolicking amidst a golden grist composed of flaked wheat and barley. His companion, Jackle Paper, cherished the mischievous Pash and brought him malt to aid in the creation of a tangy and delightful mash. Together, they would sour the wort using lactic acid, with Jackle diligently keeping watch to ensure it achieved the desired consistency. However, they found themselves at odds over flavour preferences – one yearned for a sweet and yellow hue from passionfruit, while the other sought a pink and tart taste from dragon fruit. Their disagreement persisted throughout the night until they finally realized that neither perspective was inherently wrong.

Batch Brewing Pash the Magic Dragon is a refreshing kettle sour ale infused with passionfruit and dragonfruit flavors. With a pink hue and a balanced sweet-tart taste, this beer is highly enjoyable and pairs well with fruity desserts or spicy Asian dishes. Experience the magical combination of flavors in this delightful brew.

The Finer Details
Style - Sour Ale
Country - Australia
Pack Size - 4 Cans
Can Size - 375ml
ABV - 4.5%

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