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Batch Brewing

Batch Brewing West Coast IPA (4 Pack)

Batch Brewing West Coast IPA (4 Pack)

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Among all the IPAs created by Batch Brewing, only one has earned a permanent place at the brewery, a true testament to its exceptional quality. This IPA delights with its vibrant color, dry palate, and extreme thirst-quenching properties. The combination of wheat and pale malts creates a nuanced harmony. Throughout the brewing process, hops are skillfully added, both during the boil and fermentation stages. Centennial and Chinook hops lay the foundation with their juicy and chewy fruit characteristics, while the Mosaic hops shine with prominent notes of pineapple and tropical stone fruit. The balance of flavors in this IPA is precisely calibrated, ensuring that the bitterness never overwhelms the palate. With a lower ABV compared to other IPAs, this beer faithfully represents the West Coast style. It exemplifies Batch Brewing's commitment to high quality, precision, nuance and freshness.

Batch Brewing's West Coast IPA is a hop-forward and refreshing beer with tropical and stone fruit flavors. Its balanced bitterness and vibrant character make it a delight for hop lovers. Enjoy this IPA with spicy dishes, grilled meats or flavorful cheeses.

The Finer Details
Style - West Coast IPA
Country - Australia
Pack Size - 4 Cans
Can Size - 375ml
ABV - 5.8%

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