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Ben Glaetzer

Ben Glaetzer Amon-Ra Shiraz 2017

Ben Glaetzer Amon-Ra Shiraz 2017

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The Glaetzer family's esteemed legacy in the Barossa Valley spans back to 1888, firmly entwined with the region's rich viticultural history. It was Colin Glaetzer, with over 30 years of winemaking expertise, who founded the family winery, driven by a vision to produce limited quantities of super premium Barossa Valley red wines. Today, his son Ben carries on this legacy, crafting unique and elegant wines that are celebrated as quintessential Barossan classics. Glaetzer Wines sources all its fruit from the small sub-district of Ebenezer in the Northern Barossa Valley, renowned for its exceptional produce from ancient vines. The softness and elegance of the Ebenezer fruit, combined with Ben Glaetzer's masterful winemaking approach, yield generous wines with profound depth of flavour, remarkable finesse and exquisite balance. Ben Glaetzer's journey in winemaking began at Adelaide University in South Australia, where he honed his craft before joining the family business. His ability to harmonize traditional winemaking techniques with a modern sensibility resonates in the distinct style of wines under the Glaetzer label, characterized by minimal intervention and an unmistakable Barossan essence. Colin Glaetzer, acclaimed as the creator of some of the finest Barossa Valley wines, harnessed his extensive winemaking experience to establish Glaetzer Wines in 1995. The family's dedication to producing boutique super premium wines has positioned the winery as a leader in crafting extraordinary Barossa Valley wines since its inaugural vintage in 1996. The Glaetzer mission revolves around the uncompromising focus on producing small-volume, super premium Barossa Valley wines, rooted in the belief that exceptional wines are crafted in the vineyard. This philosophy is epitomized by the utilization of century-old, non-grafted bush vines that yield remarkably low quantities of fruit, resulting in wines of unparalleled quality and distinction. The ancient dry-grown vineyards in Ebenezer, a vital part of Australia's winemaking heritage, serve as a testament to traditional Barossa viticulture. The vineyards, predominantly non-irrigated, produce fruit of exceptional quality, with minimal intervention throughout the winemaking process to preserve the natural flavors. Fermentation, conducted with a specific neutral strain of yeast, is tailored to express the fruit's intrinsic characteristics and extended skin contact enhances the wine's softness, palate structure and tannin development. Following fermentation, the wine is matured in French and American hogshead barrels to undergo natural malolactic fermentation, allowing for a nuanced expression of the terroir. This meticulous approach culminates in the creation of unique, elegant wines that encapsulate the essence of the Barossa Valley and stand as enduring classics in the world of winemaking.

The Amon-Ra Shiraz stands as an iconic representation of Ben Glaetzer's unwavering commitment to crafting wines that embody richness, complexity and intensity while maintaining an elegant, stylish and finely balanced character. Incorporating elements of Egyptian mythology, the Amon-Ra Shiraz draws inspiration from the legendary figure of Amon-Ra, revered as the king of all gods. The wine pays homage to the historical significance of the temple of Amon-Ra, which is believed to have pioneered the cultivation of a monoculture vineyard to produce wine for the temple's community. The striking eye depicted on the label symbolizes the all-seeing eye of Horus or wedjat, known as the "whole one" in Egyptian culture, representing a potent symbol of protection. This emblematic figure comprises six parts, aligning with the Egyptian interpretation of the six senses: touch, taste, hearing, sight, smell and thought. Ben Glaetzer's vision for the Amon-Ra Shiraz extends beyond mere taste, aiming to engage all six senses aligning with the symbolic significance of the eye of Horus. By crafting this wine, Ben seeks to create an immersive and sensory experience that resonates deeply with wine enthusiasts, inviting them to savour the wine's multifaceted essence while evoking a profound connection to ancient mythological themes.

The Ben Glaetzer Amon-Ra Shiraz 2017 presents a deep, inky garnet colour hinting at the wine's depth and concentration. On the nose, this iconic Shiraz reveals an opulent bouquet of ripe blackberries, dark plums and luscious blueberries, interwoven with alluring notes of dark chocolate, espresso and a touch of exotic spice. Subtle hints of vanilla and cedar add further complexity, while a delicate floral nuance enhances the aromatic allure. The palate is a symphony of flavors, showcasing a full-bodied, velvety texture that envelops the senses with layers of black fruit compote, enriched by nuances of mocha, liquorice, and a subtle infusion of black pepper. The wine's impeccable structure is upheld by well-integrated tannins, while a vibrant acidity lends a sense of balance and vitality to the palate. The finish is enduring and gratifying, unfurling with lingering impressions of dark fruit, cocoa and a tantalizing hint of spice, leaving a lasting and memorable conclusion. The Ben Glaetzer Amon-Ra Shiraz 2017 is a profound embodiment of the winemaker's artistry, delivering a wine of extraordinary depth, complexity and elegance. This iconic Shiraz not only pays homage to its historical and mythological inspirations but also captivates the senses with its rich, multi-layered character and finely balanced nature. With its remarkable structure and captivating array of flavours, this vintage stands as a testament to Ben Glaetzer's mastery in crafting wines of exceptional quality and distinction.

A profound example of Ebenezer fruit and skilled winemaking, the 2017 Amon Ra Shiraz is full-bodied and velvety in texture, picking up more nuances the longer it sits in the glass. Floral and mint notes appear on the nose, along with a mix of raspberries, blackberries and baking spices. There's plenty of new oak, but it's been mostly absorbed into the wine, leaving a drink that's rich and sumptuous. And just when you think it's over, a bit of licorice appears on the long finish to add a pleasant finale. Drink 2020-2035. - Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, 96 Points.

The Finer Details
Style – Red Wine
Varietal –  Shiraz
Country – Australia
Region – Barossa Valley, South Australia
Vintage – 2017
Bottle Size – 750ml
ABV – 15%

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