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Chiyo Shuzo Shinomine Kimoto 2020

Chiyo Shuzo Shinomine Kimoto 2020

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Chiyo Shuzō is a very small brewery founded in 1873 which moved to its present location in the southwest part of the Nara basin near the Shinomine mountain range in 1902. Their very small production consists of many, many tiny meigara [brands] which are constantly sought after because of their quality and limited availability.

Toji Tetsuya Sakai beautifully crafts flavourful and balanced sake. The Shinomine Kimoto is no exception. Its style can be deeply intense however this version is soft, round, and impeccable textured. Vibrant freshness and a refined acidity, leaving you wanting more. 

A versatile sake either on its own or with a broad selection of food - a wonderful all-rounder.

The Finer Details
Style - Sake
Country - Japan
Bottle Size - 720ml
ABV - 17%

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