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Clase Azul

Clase Azul Añejo Tequila 700ml

Clase Azul Añejo Tequila 700ml

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Clase Azul Añejo Tequila, also known as “Edición Indígena-Mazahua” (Mazahua Edition) due to the bottle design’s tribute to the culture, is an ultra- premium añejo tequila made from Tequilana Weber Blue Agave. Its intense amber color and layered aromas are a result of an extended period of aging. 

This anejo has a viscous body with a delicate and balanced mouth-feel. The nose boasts aromas of apples, almonds, cinnamon, and Mexican vanilla and surrounded by caramel from the slow-cooked agave. The palate has cooked agave flavours of caramel, vanilla, and various woods through the finish.

The distinctive decanter is molded, decorated by and pays tribute to the Mazahua natives, an indigenous group from the small village of Santa María Canchesdá. The bottom of the bottle features a spiral appliqué on unfired clay symbolizing the earth’s fertility. When the earth comes in to contact with water, represented by a fine blue line, it gives life to the agave. Once the agave has reached its optimal ripeness and is jimado (“harvested”), the treasured heart of the agave is obtained. Finally, the story on the bottle concludes at the neck of the bottle with a 24-karat gold vermeil charm medallion and feathered design that distinctively represents Clase Azul. Each piece is signed by the master distiller and the individual Mazahua artisan. This very special bottle combines history, art, and the highest quality tequila in an exemplary expression for Clase Azul. 

The Finer Details
Style - Añejo Tequila
Country - Mexico
Bottle Size - 700ml
ABV - 40%

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