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Cointreau Orange Liqueur 700ml

Cointreau Orange Liqueur 700ml

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Cointreau is a masterpiece of liqueur making, crafted through the unique distillation of all natural sweet and bitter orange peels, resulting in a crystal clear liqueur that strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and freshness. For over thirty years, the fines orange peels are carefully selected by Cointreau's Master Distiller, Carole Quinton, to create the definitive orange liqueur. 

Cointreau's story begins at the rue Saint-Laud in Angers, France in 1849. Brothers Edourd-Jean and Adolphe Cointreau open the doors to their distillery. Recently switching from a confectionary and cake making business, the family switched to high quality naturally flavoured liqueurs that were widely unavailable at the time. Edouard, Edourd-Jean's son, noticed that French consumers had a noticeable interest in the taste of oranges, which during the time was a very rare and precious commodity. Edouard considered this a universal flavour, appealing to men and women, thus creating a perfect blend of bitter and sweet orange peels. This is considered to be the original Triple-Sec.

The Finer Details
Style - Liquer
Country - France
Bottle Size - 700ml
ABV - 40%

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