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Common Space Brewery

Common Space Brewery Food Fight Hazy IPA (4 Pack)

Common Space Brewery Food Fight Hazy IPA (4 Pack)

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Food Fight is the hazy that smashes together all your favorite things - wether that's having a beer with friends and family or cuddling your pets all day. It's all about bringing the good stuff together. 

Brewed with California Ale yeast Food Fight Hazy IPA is a hybrid style. Hop haze is formed through early dry hopping and accentuated with proteins from wheat, and through water chemistry. Fruity flavors of the hops are brought out through the biotransformation that occurs during fermentation in the presence of hops. California Ale yeast adds the dry finish, and clean fermentation notes of a West Coast IPA.

The Finer Details
Style - Hazy IPA
Country - United States
Region - California
Pack Size - 4 Cans
Can Size - 470ml
ABV - 6.5%

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