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Delirium Nocturnum Strong Dark 750ml (Bottle)

Delirium Nocturnum Strong Dark 750ml (Bottle)

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Delve into a world of enchantment with Delirium Nocturnum Strong Dark. This Belgian strong dark ale is an invitation to indulge in the depths of flavour and embrace the mysterious allure of the night. With its rich history, iconic pink elephant branding, and exceptional craftsmanship, Delirium Nocturnum captivates beer enthusiasts with its complexity, character, and unrivalled taste. Delirium traces its roots back to 1654 when the Huyghe family established a small brewery in Melle, Belgium. For generations, the Huyghe family has preserved and nurtured their brewing legacy, passing down their expertise and passion from one generation to the next. Delirium Nocturnum is a testament to the renowned Belgian brewing tradition. Brewed with meticulous attention to detail, this beer embodies the expertise and craftsmanship that Belgian brewers are celebrated for.

The combination of carefully selected ingredients, precise brewing techniques, and a commitment to quality ensures that every bottle delivers an exceptional drinking experience. The striking pink elephant adorning the Delirium Nocturnum label has become synonymous with this remarkable beer. This playful mascot, known as "Hopsinjoor," invites beer enthusiasts into the world of Delirium, representing the brand's unique approach to brewing and its dedication to creating extraordinary beer experiences. A symbol of whimsy and intrigue, the pink elephant represents the allure of the night and the playful nature of the beer within. Experience the complexity, embrace the darkness, and savour the Belgian craftsmanship that makes this beer a true masterpiece.

This strong dark ale boasts a deep mahogany hue and a velvety texture that entices the senses. Each sip reveals layers of flavours that unfold like a nocturnal symphony, leaving you mesmerized and craving for more. Delirium Nocturnum entwines notes of dark fruits and a subtle hint of spice, creating a symphony of flavours. The intricate balance of sweet and bitter undertones adds depth and complexity, making each sip a journey of discovery. This Strong Dark ale pours a dark, brown-red colour in the class with a compact, white-yellow lacing head. Aromas of caramel, mocha, and chocolate flow from the glass with hints of coriander and liquorice. The palate starts with a good mouthfeel of alcohol and softness followed in an increased bitterness. This is partially from the hop but also the chocolate and roasted malts. It has a nice balance at the end with sweet, sour, and bitterness.

Cheers to nights filled with intrigue and unforgettable taste experiences!

The Finer Details
Style - Strong Dark Ale
Country - Belgium
Bottle Size - 750ml
ABV - 8.5%
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