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Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blanc 2010

Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blanc 2010

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The House of Ruinart stands in a league of its own, defying convention and captivating with its unique legacy. Founded in 1729, it holds the distinction of being the very first Champagne House, a visionary endeavour inspired by the foresight of a monk who possessed a remarkable intuition far beyond his era. 

In the heart of the Champagne region, specifically in Reims, a significant moment unfolded on September 1st, 1729. It was then that Nicolas Ruinart, driven by the profound influence of his visionary monk uncle, drafted the historic charter that marked the birth of Maison Ruinart, forever etching its name as the world's pioneer in champagne production. Little did they know that this bold initiative would pave the way for an enduring enterprise that thrives and prospers even after nearly three centuries, leaving an indelible mark on the course of history. 

During the remarkable period of the mid-18th century, Ruinart made a significant acquisition to enhance its champagne production. The House secured ownership of ancient crayères, subterranean chalk quarries meticulously carved beneath the historic city of Reims. These extraordinary caverns served as the ideal sanctuary for storing their precious bottles, ensuring optimal aging and maturation. Building upon its reputation for innovation, Ruinart continued to push boundaries. In 1764, the House achieved yet another milestone by successfully shipping the first-ever Rosé champagne across the vast expanse of Europe. This ground-breaking achievement introduced a new dimension to the world of champagne, captivating connoisseurs with its captivating hues and captivating flavors.

Bestowed with nobility and adopting the esteemed name Ruinart de Brimont in 1817, the family has diligently guided the House for over two centuries. With each passing generation, a new Head of House emerges, bringing forth their unique talents and unwavering commitment to serve the lineage of Ruinart. This steadfast succession ensures the preservation of the family's legacy, as each successor devotes themselves to upholding the traditions and values that define Ruinart. Their collective efforts have propelled the House to unparalleled heights, solidifying its reputation as a bastion of excellence in the world of champagne. 

Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 2010 is a true masterpiece from Maison Ruinart, made exclusively from Grand Cru chardonnays. The grapes are sourced from the Côte des Blancs and the Montagne de Reims, reflecting the rich diversity of terroirs in the Champagne region. The grapes are hand-harvested and undergo alcoholic fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats, followed by malolactic fermentation. To enhance the ageing process and give the cuvée greater depth, the Maison has reintroduced the traditional cork drawing technique. This technique involves ageing the wine under cork, which preserves the aromatic freshness throughout the ageing process and replaces metal caps. The wine is also manually disgorged, which is a century-old gesture that enhances the quality of the wine. Upon tasting, the wine reveals an aromatic complexity with a freshness enhanced by a hint of bitterness. The 2010 chardonnays surprised with their richness, allowing the oenological team to express all their know-how in the blend. The champagne looks golden yellow, with light greenish hues and a fine, persistent sparkle. The first nose reveals a powdery, floral and mineral note, reminiscent of the chypre universe of perfumery. The second nose brings together toasted and spicy notes such as nutmeg mace, roasted hazelnut and almond and a hint of coffee. In the mouth, fig leaf aromas mingle with notes of black tea and fresh spices. The lingering fresh finish is elevated by an elegant bitterness. Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 2010 is a true masterpiece that reflects the Maison's quest for excellence. It is a must-try for anyone who appreciates the art of winemaking.

The Finer Details
Style - Champagne
Varietal - Chardonnay
Country - France
Region - Champagne
Vintage - 2010
Bottle Size - 750ml
ABV - 12.5%

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