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Domaine Christophe Patrice

Domaine Christophe Patrice Chablis 2022

Domaine Christophe Patrice Chablis 2022

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Christophe Patrice, a winemaker from the village of Beine in Chablis, has a deep connection to the land and winemaking. In 1996, he joined his family's business but later established his own vineyard in 2006. In 2011, he acquired the prestigious Daniel Roblot estate, expanding his domaine to 22 hectares. The vineyards span across Beine, Courgis, and Chablis, showcasing the region's diversity. Sustainability and respect for the land are paramount to Christophe, who follows a lutte raisonnée approach to vineyard management. With low planting density, the vines have space to thrive. Stainless steel tanks are used to vinify the wines, preserving the pure essence of the Chardonnay fruit. From Petit Chablis to Chablis Premier Cru Beauregard, Christophe's portfolio reflects his dedication to excellence.

Christophe Patrice's winemaking approach is marked by meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the unique qualities of Chablis terroir. Sustainability is a central focus, with vineyards in Beine, Courgis, and Chablis managed carefully to preserve the land for future generations. The winemaking process emphasizes harmony between nature and craftsmanship, with grapes pressed and fermented exclusively in stainless steel tanks to allow the true character of Chardonnay grapes to shine without oak influence. Malolactic conversion and lees aging add complexity and texture to the Chablis wines, while the VdF Chardonnay follows a different path, showcasing vibrant fruit character without malolactic conversion or lees aging. All wines are vegan-friendly, crafted with ethical and environmentally conscious practices.

Chablis is a highly acclaimed white wine hailing from the northernmost part of Burgundy, France. Its reputation lies in its distinctive character and ability to showcase the specific qualities of its terroir. Unlike many other Chardonnay wines, Chablis is typically not aged in oak barrels, resulting in a refreshing and mineral-driven flavour profile. The cool climate and limestone-rich soil of the region contribute to its unique taste, featuring hints of citrus, green apple, and a flinty mineral essence. Chablis wines are categorized into various appellations, such as Grand Cru and Premier Cru, signifying the finest vineyard locations. The sheer purity and refinement of Chablis have made it a sought-after choice among wine enthusiasts worldwide.

The Domaine Christophe Patrice Chablis 2022 enchants with its radiant golden hue, captivating the senses from the first glance. Delicate and alluring, the nose reveals an intense bouquet of white flowers and vibrant citrus fruit, harmoniously intertwined with a mineral symphony of flint and gunflint. On the palate, this white wine unfurls with a lively and mineral-driven character, showcasing the essence of lime zest, crisp green apple and the subtle touch of stones. Meticulous winemaking techniques have resulted in a wine of remarkable richness and complexity, unveiling intriguing aromatic nuances reminiscent of fresh croissant and baked apple. Crafted exclusively from Chardonnay grapes, this Chablis embraces its pure expression, free from the influence of oak, allowing the bright and mineralic qualities of the variety to shine through. It stands as a testament to the exceptional quality of Chardonnay and serves as a true reflection of the esteemed Chablis region, an embodiment of the winemaker's skill and dedication, Christophe Patrice.

The Finer Details
Style - White Wine
Varietal - Chardonnay
Country - France
Region - Chablis
Vintage - 2022
Bottle Size - 750ml
ABV - 12.5%

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