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Don Fulano

Don Fulano Blanco 700ml

Don Fulano Blanco 700ml

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A highland tequila, Don Fulano is made from 100% estate grown mature blue agave cooked in autoclave ovens, naturally fermented in open tanks using wild and cultivated yeast, and distilled in approximately 80% copper pot still and 20% copper, double column still. The spirit is distilled to 50% to 55% then cut with demineralised water from a deep well in the distillery. The tequila is non-charcoal filtered and contains no additives.

The Blanco is a bright and colourful expression of highland agave.

Fresh and bright on the nose yet profound with beautiful elegance. There is harmony between a wide spectrum of aromas that only mature agave offers; a myriad of delicate floral and fruity notes is balanced by a light herbaceousness.

Reminiscent of damp red soil it opens the senses and awakens the appetite. Flavours of grilled pineapple with hints of white pepper almost makes you want to chew it, with underlying notes of butterscotch and an almost oily viscosity on the finish.

The Finer Details
Style - Blanco Tequila
Country - Mexico
Bottle Size - 700ml
ABV - 40%

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