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Don Fulano

Don Fulano Reposado 700ml

Don Fulano Reposado 700ml

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A highland tequila, Don Fulano is made from 100% estate grown mature blue agave cooked in autoclave ovens, naturally fermented in open tanks using wild and cultivated yeast, and distilled in approximately 80% copper pot still and 20% copper, double column still. The spirit is distilled to 50% to 55% then cut with demineralised water from a deep well in the distillery. The tequila is non-charcoal filtered and contains no additives.

The Reposado is carefully rested in a combination of new and used French limousine oak barrels for a minimum of eight months and up to two years. This ensures that the resulting spirit is the perfect balance between agave notes and those from the barrel.

A nose of red fruits, think cherries and jam with the sweetness of cooked agave further enhancing this, with delicate herbal notes providing a balancing counterpoint.

The French oak influence becomes obvious on the palate, with rich caramel, maple syrup and creamy vanilla flavours. With those is fruity dark chocolate, some of the jam from the nose, although deep in the mix and gentle spiciness.

The cask influence is felt yet again in the finish, where agave pepperiness quickly fades to vanilla. 

The Finer Details
Style - Reposado Tequila
Country - Mexico
Bottle Size - 700ml
ABV - 40%

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