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The GlenAllachie

GlenAllachie Single Cask 2006 Olorosso Puncheon 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml

GlenAllachie Single Cask 2006 Olorosso Puncheon 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml

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The GlenAllachie Distillery, situated in Aberlour in Speyside, was established in 1967 and designed by William-Delme Evans, with construction carried out by Mackinlay McPherson. The distillery was meticulously designed to be almost entirely gravity-fed, reducing energy consumption. After Mackinlay McPherson became part of Invergordon in 1985, the distillery was mothballed until Campbell Distillers acquired it in 1989 and recommenced production in April of that year. In 2017, The GlenAllachie Distillers Company Limited was formed by Billy Walker, Trisha Savage and Graham Stevenson, who released their first core range of single malt whiskies in July 2018 and launched MacNair's Lum Reek in November of that year. The distillery opened its doors to visitors in May 2019 and has won numerous awards, including the Visitor Attraction of the Year for 2022. The GlenAllachie Distillery continues to innovate, releasing a 15-year-old whisky in April 2022 and a celebratory trilogy of Speyside Single Malts in honour of Billy Walker's 50-year career. In January 2023, they introduced The GlenAllachie 2012 Cuvée Wine Cask Finish and in March 2023, they released three new expressions, highlighting their commitment to innovation and excellence in the whisky industry.

The GlenAllachie distillery is known for its impressive collection of casks, with over 50,000 casks spanning across 16 on-site warehouses. The passionate team at GlenAllachie has complete control of the end-to-end maturation process, allowing them to make decisions for all the right reasons. They use a variety of casks including ex-bourbon, ex-sherry, and virgin oak to create unique and complex flavours in their single malt whisky. They also have a range of cask finishes such as Port, Madeira, and Tokaji to add depth and complexity to their whiskies. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail has earned them numerous awards and accolades, cementing their position as one of Scotland's top independent distilleries.

Billy Walker, the Master Blender of The GlenAllachie Distillers Company, has transformed the distillery since acquiring it in 2017. With a 50-year experience in the Scotch Whisky industry, Billy has received numerous awards, including Master Distiller/ Blender of the Year (World Whisky Awards, 2020) and was inducted into Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame in 2021. He played a key part in the resurrection of Deanston and Tobermory Distilleries and acquired BenRiach, GlenDronach and Glenglassaugh Distilleries, leading them to phenomenal success. Billy's hands-on approach is reflected throughout all stages of production, with a focus on quality over quantity. He hand-picks the finest casks to create exceptional quality whiskies to be enjoyed across the globe.

The GlenAllachie Single Cask 2006 Oloroso Puncheon 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml is a fine example of the distillery's commitment to quality and attention to detail. Aged for 16 years in an ex-sherry Oloroso Puncheon cask, this whisky offers a penetrating aroma full of notes of fruit, herbs, vanilla and cinnamon. Hailing from the Speyside region, this exceptional malt is created without cold filtration and added dyes, allowing the natural flavours to shine through. The amber colour with golden highlights is a testament to the quality of the aging process. On the nose, it offers candied fruit, honeydew, vanilla and cinnamon, while on the palate, it offers molasses, brown sugar, caramel, marmalade and ginger. The medium-long finish is bitter-spicy, with notes of chocolate and vanilla. The GlenAllachie Single Cask 2006 Oloroso Puncheon 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml is a limited release bottling that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The Finer Details
Style - Scotch Whisky
Country - Scotland
Region - Speyside
Bottle Size - 700ml
ABV - 59.3%
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