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Hatozaki Pure Malt Blended Japanese Whisky 700ml

Hatozaki Pure Malt Blended Japanese Whisky 700ml

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The Hatozaki Lighthouse, the oldest stone lighthouse in Japan, has been a guide for sailors navigating the turbulent waters before the port of Akashi since 1620. It is a symbol of dependability, openness to the wider world, and the trade which enables the exchange of goods and ideas. They chose this lighthouse, which stands so close to their distillery, as the perfect icon to represent their whisky.

Made in the Kaikyō distillery in Akashi-city, Hyogo, Japan. This whisky is aged in a combination of ex bourbon casks, ex sherry cask,s and Japanese Mizunara casks from the Hokkaido and Tohuku forests. It carries a rich profile of cereals and dried fruit, with accents of smoke and honey on the finish.

Composed of 100% malt whiskies and blended from 5 to 6-year-old single malt, it is only produced in small batches of less than 20 casks. Round, generous and unpeated. The sweet taste of malted cereals and dried fruit are uplifted by a light smoky undertone and an aromatic honey finish on the palate.

The Finer Details
Style - Japanese Whisky
Country - Japan
Bottle Size - 500ml
ABV - 46%

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