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Heiwa Shuzo Tsuru-ume Kanjuku Umeshu 720ml

Heiwa Shuzo Tsuru-ume Kanjuku Umeshu 720ml

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Tsuru-Ume series are brewed and blended with the long experience and the rich skill and recipe in the liquor sprits brewing works of Heiwa Shuzou brewery. The most specific idea of living in this modern world stands on the understanding of “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability.” In this idea, the Tsuru-Ume series are hand-crafted in the concept of LOHAS style. That is why this series is not for mass production and easy consumption. You will know it when you try! 

Among the products produced in Wakayama prefecture is Heiwa Shuzo Tsuru-Ume Kanjuku Umeshu is made with plums from Wakayama, is aged for six months and used in the production of this sake. It is made using the entire fruit and is fortified with sake. It is sweet without being overripe. 

Cool it and enjoy it straight or on the rocks. 

Store in a cool and dark place away from sunlight to avoid spoiling the taste. After opening, store in a refrigerator and drink as soon as possible.

The Finer Details
Style - Fruit Infused Sake
Country - Japan
Bottle Size - 720ml
ABV - 7% 

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