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Jim Beam

Jim Beam Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon Whiskey 1L

Jim Beam Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon Whiskey 1L

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Since 1795, Jim Beam has been crafted by the Beam family and distilled with a strong sense of family values. Seven generations later, it’s still made with those same values and aged twice as long as the law requires. Perhaps that’s why, today, Jim Beam stands as the World’s #1 Bourbon.

Jim Beam Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon Whiskey is an innovative Bourbon Liqueur infused with natural flavours to deliver the unmistakable Jim Beam experience with a luscious cherry note. This Black Cherry Bourbon Liqueur is not only rich and flavoursome when enjoyed neat, but also mixed into many exciting cocktails like a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

Jim Beam Black Cherry has a balance of soft, dark cherry aromas backed by traditional bourbon oak. The palate finishes with warm, black cherry and smooth bourbon notes. It has aroma of black cherry with vanilla and light oak. It has flavour balance of vanilla, oak, caramel and black cherry notes. Jim Beam infused with the natural essence of Black Cherry.

The Finer Details
Style - Bourbon
Country - United States
Bottle Size - 1L
ABV - 32.5%

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