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Kitajima 'Drops of Oumi Rice' Ginjo Sake 720ml

Kitajima 'Drops of Oumi Rice' Ginjo Sake 720ml

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Kitajima Sake Brewery was established in 1805 and is one of Japan's oldest and most respected sake breweries, situated in the beautiful Shiga Prefecture near lake Biwa. Their highly crafted range is unique and distinctive with a palate that is much richer and fruitier than the average sake. 

Made from Oumi rice, a premium rice that is ethically grown in the Shiga Prefecture, polished at 60%, pasteurised and non-filtered. This Junmai Ginjo sake has a rich aroma of berry fruits and a soft and plump taste with fresh notes of citrus.

The Finer Details
Style - Sake
Country - Japan
Bottle Size - 720ml
ABV - 17%

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