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Legend of Kremlin

Legend of Kremlin Russian Vodka 700ml (Gold Book)

Legend of Kremlin Russian Vodka 700ml (Gold Book)

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The story of the Legend of Kremlin Russian Vodka begins in the subterranean vaults of a monastery where the Kremlin now stands. A mysterious monk known only as Isidore is the first to harness the essence of succulent fruits and cereal grains to create this alluring elixir. For years it remains unknown to anyone outside of Moscow, until tales of this mystical spirit spread to outlying regions. Today, modern techniques and forces of nature come together to bring this legendary tradition to you. They begin with luxurious wheat grain vodka, and infuse it with spring water from our distillery's own artesian well. When mixed in ancestral copper vats, these elements harmonize to create a rich and refined texture, resulting in a vibrant expression of artistry and tradition. To understand the flavor of Legend of Kremlin is to journey into the history of Russian achievements, for the story of vodka is the story of Russia. Locally harvested oatmeal and honey along with nutrient-rich soil impart incomparable savor to our Vodka. Earthy and lush, with undercurrents of natural spices, Legend of Kremlin's complex and sumptuous taste reflects the history and region from which it was forged.

Get to know Legend of Kremlin Aroma: Inhale the bouquet as you briefly swirl it in your glass. It will have a creamy, slightly sweet aroma. Color: hold up the glass; clarity and luminescence are key. Taste: soft, and smooth. Slight peppery finish.

The Finer Details
Varietal -  Vodka
Country - Russia
Bottle Size - 700ml
ABV - 40%


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