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Mac Forbes

Mac Forbes EB76 Taken for Granite Pinot Meunier 2021

Mac Forbes EB76 Taken for Granite Pinot Meunier 2021

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At Mac Forbes they produce wines under their EB (Experimental Batch) label which are smaller, interesting batches of wine pushing the boundaries of winemaking or viticulture. They are representative of a challenge to the team in terms of either a new viticultural or winemaking direction.

A more serious take on the Pinot Meunier in 2021, this wine was fermented and matured entirely in the wineries favourite vessel - concrete! After spending 21 days on skins, this wine was pressed off and put back into concrete to hibernate for winter. Gently racked the day before bottling, this is Pinot Meunier in its most pure form.

The resulting wine has a pale ruby in colour in the glass despite it's 3 weeks on skins! The nose is very varietal with bright fresh strawberries, cherry and spice. The palate is light medium bodied with refreshing acidity, savory tannins, plenty of strawberries again but with added spicy complexity from whole bunch additions, and finishing with a sour plum/black olive salinity. Moreish delicious wine.

Nobody ever gives poor Pinot Meunier the love and respect she deserves, but we're not the kind of people who take grapes for granted. Fermented and matured in concrete, this EB has had the best treatment our cellar has to offer. - Winery Notes

The Finer Details
Style - Red Wine
Varietal - Pinot Meunier
Country - Australia
Region - Yarra Valley, Victoria
Vintage - 2012
Bottle Size - 750ml
ABV - 11%

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