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Oyama Yumehibiki 3 Year Old Umeshu 720ml

Oyama Yumehibiki 3 Year Old Umeshu 720ml

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Oyama Yume umeshu is made with Oushukubai plums from Oyama, which has said to be ideal for plum brewing, aged for more than 3 years it is characterized by a rich mellow taste and delicate bitterness. One of the best tasting umeshu available.

The nose has hints of almonds, cantaloupe, dried apricots and marmalade. A velvety palate, delicate, sweet and flavours of plums, apricot, honey and almonds. A long finish, plum, honey, apricot, delicate bitterness, well balanced for the ABV.

The Finer Details
Style - Umeshu
Country - Japan
Bottle Size - 720ml
ABV - 20%

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