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Pescador de Sueños

Pescador de Sueños Tepeztate Mezcal 700ml

Pescador de Sueños Tepeztate Mezcal 700ml

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Pescador de Sueños Mezcal is a project of the Santa Sabia Distillery. They present unique collections of select mezcales in hope of rescuing the mysticism and folklore of this ancient Mexican tradition. The mythical emphasis of the brand shows in their name as well, which means "the fisherman of dreams." This maguey is the best ally to the soul

Pescador de Sueños Tepeztate Mezcal is made from 25 year old Agave Marmorata from Oaxaca, these are cooked in a conical stone oven and crushed in a mule powered tahona before being fermented in Sabino wood tubs, double distilled in a copper still then aged for at least 12 months in glass barrels.

Part of a four part series the Tepeztate is known as "Sense of healing". 

The Finer Details
Style - Mezcal
Country - Mexico
Bottle Size - 700ml
ABV - 50%

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