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Plomari Ouzo 50ml

Plomari Ouzo 50ml

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The island of Lesvos, and particularly the village of Plomari, has a long history in the production of ouzo. Ouzo is produced here by Greek families from the beginning of the 19th century and is distilled in the same traditional way to this day. Therefore, Plomari is not accidentally considered the home of ouzo. 

Isidoros Arvanitis was a persistent and perfectionist Plomarian who envisioned the creation of Ouzo that would stand out from all the others and be acclaimed throughout Greece and around the world. 

The unique recipe of Ouzo of Plomari contains a multitude of seeds and herbs of Lesvos along with fennel, asteroid anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, and mastic extracts. However, since the recipe is secret, not all the ingredients can be disclosed!

In total, there are over 15 seeds and herbs in Lesvos, among which, anise is the dominant one. The anise used for the production of Ouzo of Plomari is of the highest quality. It is grown in the fields owned by the Distillery in the village Lisvori, in Lesvos, and is a certified product of organic farming. The vicinity of the land with the sea of Kalloni provides the necessary coolness, especially in periods of prolonged southern summer, when the land literally "bordering" by the sea breeze while the volcanic soil is rich in inorganic ingredients and provides ideal conditions for the growth of anise. Anise is a one-year, herbaceous plant and each year they store the best seed for sowing next year.

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Style - Ouzo
Country - Greece
Bottle Size - 50ml
ABV - 40%

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