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Ponte Prosecco DOC Rosé Millesimato Brut 2020

Ponte Prosecco DOC Rosé Millesimato Brut 2020

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In 2007, at the Ponte Winery, the perfect marriage between the fruit, elegant notes of Prosecco and the aromatic complexity of Pinot Noir culminated in the original Prosecco Rosé formula. Enveloping and sinuous, it has the credentials to seduce at first sip. It loves subtle pairings with traditional Mediterranean food, sushi, and sashimi.

This prosecco is an elegant, delicate antique pink, with stunning reflections verging on light rose pink. Fresh and pleasantly fruity, offering delicate citrus notes which sit within a symphony of peach and Red Delicious apples. Running through this is the complexity of Pinot Noir, the undisputed star of the best sparkling wines. On the palate, the wine offers an elegant combination of acidity and residuai sugars, counterbalanced by the right level of sapidity. Meanwhile, elegant perlage adds a sense of prestige.

The Finer Details
Style - Sparkling Wine
Varietal - Glera, Pinot Noir
Country - Italy
Region - Veneto
Vintage - 2002
Bottle Size - 750ml
ABV - 11%

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