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Sangre de Vida Premium Tequila Anejo 700ml

Sangre de Vida Premium Tequila Anejo 700ml

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As wine is to France, Tequila is to Mexico – the life blood of the people.

Sangre de Vida Premium Tequila Añejo is a high-quality tequila with a complex and sophisticated taste profile. Made from the freshest blue agave, this tequila has a rich and smooth flavour with notes of caramel and vanilla. The tequila also has hints of spice and wood, resulting in a balanced and well-rounded taste. With each sip you embark on a journey of many complex and surprising aromas including caramelised honey, mahogany, sweet potato, stewed flowers and oxidised pear.

It is a full-bodied tequila that undergoes fermentation twice and a long ageing process that occurs in oak barrels, leaving a subtle sweetness on the palate. Its premium quality and exceptional taste make it a top choice for tequila lovers who appreciate the finer things in life. Each bottle of this tequila is hand-painted with colourful Mexican motifs to celebrate the countries rich history and culture.

The Finer Details
Style - Anejo Tequila
Country - Mexico
Bottle Size - 700ml
ABV - 40%

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