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Santero 958 Cuvée Extra Dry NV 200ml

Santero 958 Cuvée Extra Dry NV 200ml

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Founded in 1958, Santero was created by four Santero brothers Leopoldo, Renzo, Aldo and Adelio. Located in the heart of Piedmont and immersed in the hills of Monferrato. The story spans half a century and is marked by their passion for the vineyard, expert management of the wine cellar and love for sparkling wine.

The Santero 958 Cuvée Extra Dry NV has aromas a bright white flowers, sweet fruits, with a dash of minerality. The palate is robust and zesty, with hints of crisp & crunchy apple, flesh apricots, and tangy lemon.

The Finer Details
Style - Prosecco
Varietal - Glera, Moscato Bianco
Country - Italy
Region - Piedmont
Vintage - Non-Vintage
Bottle Size - 200ml
ABV - 11.5%

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