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Wayward Brewing

Wayward Brewing W Seltzer Summer Berries (Can)

Wayward Brewing W Seltzer Summer Berries (Can)

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Introducing Wayward Brewing's Summer Berries Hard seltzer, a crisp, clean, sparkling and deliciously fruity bevvy. This pre-mixed drink was naturally brewed with a rice base to a recipe that took over a year to perfect. Its refreshing flavour is crafted using real fruit extract giving it an authentic and irresistible taste that's both sweet and tangy. This gluten free, vegan-friendly drink wth only 99 calories per can and less than 1g of sugar can enjoyed by the beach.

Fill up the esky and wave in the good times.

The Finer Details
Style - Seltzer
Country - Australia
Can Size - 330ml
ABV - 4.3%


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