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Young Henrys

Young Henry's Cloudy Apple Cider (6 Pack)

Young Henry's Cloudy Apple Cider (6 Pack)

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Young Henry's beer is a true embodiment of creativity, quality and community. With each sip, you'll experience the passion and dedication that goes into every brew. From their refreshing lagers to their hop-forward ales, Young Henry's offers a diverse range of beers to satisfy every palate. Whether you're enjoying a pint at their brewery or exploring their offerings at your local pub, you can trust that you're drinking a beer crafted with care.

Young Henry's Cloudy Apple Cider is a natural farmhouse style cider made with locally grown Royal Gala and Pink Lady apples. There is no added sugar, syrups, or water in their cider. 

Young Henry's Cloudy Apple Cider is a refreshing and easy-to-drink cider made from 100% Aussie apples. It offers a natural fruit sweetness with a tart apple finish, creating a delightful balance of flavors. With notes of apple crumble, vibrant green apple and hints of nashi pear and cinnamon, this cider delivers a crisp and enjoyable drinking experience. It is unfiltered, allowing you to savour the pure apple goodness without any added sugar or trickery.

The Finer Details
Style - Cloudy Apple Cider
Country - Australia
Pack Size - 6 Cans
Can Size - 375ml
ABV - 4.6%

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