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Zalto Burgundy Glass (2 Pack)

Zalto Burgundy Glass (2 Pack)

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Zalto is known to be the most successful, handcrafted, functional wine glass range on the market today and following their launch, they quickly became the benchmark in wine glass appreciation. These glasses were developed with precision and a sole aim to prioritise the enjoyment of the wine itself, ensuring the glass takes a backseat through its weightlessness and featherweight feel. A combination of centuries-old craftmanship with a modern, detailed aesthetic and twist results in impressive functionality from the collection. There is much fascination in the ancient craft used during production such as the primal fire and the demanding work of the glowing furnace. Creation of these works of art require precise mechanics and a specific instinct using the simplest of tools. The master glassmakers achieve an astonishing precision that cannot be reached even with the most modern technology thus yielding an outstanding value of craftmanship. it is simply unmatched despite today’s possibilities in production.

The glasses of the Zalto Glass House are not only about design as they combine perfect form and aesthetics to birth a versatile functionality. These masterpieces differ from other glasses from the moment you touch them. What is immediately noticeable is the balance – the glasses appear delicate and elegant. They are produced without the addition of lead oxide and are resistant against clouding. Despite their delicate edges, the Denk'Art series of glasses maintains all the best attributes as far as care and longevity are concerned hence their extremely high status in the world of wine. They are dish-washable and have the ability to serve as your everyday glass as well as the glass to use for your most special occasions. Offering the optimal vessels for the perception of a wine’s aromas whilst also determining the wine’s flavour is the ultimate goal. Numerous top winemakers, restaurateurs and wine connoisseurs trust the advantages of the glasses from the Denk'Art series. Nothing here is accidental but rather the result of fine-tuning proportions as well as the optimal shapes decided from upon countless tastings by Hans Denk, the father of this unique glass series.

Hans Denk was the visionary, creator and mentor of what is now the most successful hand-blown wine glass series today. As one of Austria’s most valued wine experts, his extensive knowledge was born following countless hours of tasting inspiration. Winemakers around the world appreciate the honesty and precision of these glasses conceived by a wine lover – with a devotion and humility before wine – for wine lovers. The glass should not change the wine, but rather show, reproduce and emphasize the character perfectly in all its complexity. It should reveal great wines in detail and work out the nuances in a multi-layered, intensive manner, whilst also showing any downfalls just as relentlessly. As the winemaker strives to optimally reflect the terroir and the production of the vintage plus to preserve the essence of it unadulterated in the cellar, the aim of the glasses as the last link in the chain is to show the all the wine’s facets in detail. Appreciated by winemakers and wine enthusiasts alike, Zalto have revolutionised the wine glass and thus set new standards for the perception of drinking. Recently, the glasses were given the “Unimprovable Award” in the renowned Wall Street Journal as one of 6 products of their kind that could not be improved. International experts are convinced of the functionality and quality.

Zalto Burgundy Glasses for expressively perfumed wines. Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo have in common a thin skin, grown in relatively cool climates. The shape of the bowl integrates the components of the wine, bringing to the foreground the fruit and sweeter notes. The finest Burgundy shaped glass that we sell. Designed especially for Pinot Noir & Nebbiolo.

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Style - Burgundy Wine Glass
Country - Austria
Pack Size - 2 Glasses

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